Scholarships and Bursary Options

At Chinese Academy, we provide scholarships for personal excellence and bursary options to support families of all financial backgrounds. As we strive to make our school’s curricula available to as many students as possible, we offer a range of Scholarship and Bursary options. See below for more information, or send an email to [email protected] if you are interested.



A scholarship is a financial award for excellence and its value may be up to 50% of the School tuition fee. This award can not be given in conjunction with any other school grant or bursary.

Rational and Aims

The Scholarship programme:

● Enables the School to attract and retain students irrespective of their parents’ financial circumstances by providing for tuition fee remission.
● Ensures that children demonstrating exceptional talents, gifts or commitment are both recognised, rewarded and provided the opportunity in which to excel.
● Is designed to recognise extraordinary potential and is awarded to children able to present independently supported validation of their potential during the application and interview process.

Students at Chinese Academy are expected to uphold the highest standards and be a role model for other children. We also expect parents of scholarship children to demonstrate a very strong commitment to the daily life of our school. 

Overview and Awards

Our policy has been carefully crafted to align with our core philosophy that all children are unique and deserving of the best possible education, and they should be supported in developing their all-round characters and achieving true potential.

There are two types of scholarship at Chinese Academy awarded to attract new students and to retain existing students who demonstrate clearly desirable qualities that we value as a school in one of the following areas;

Category A

● Sporting ability
● Artistic talent
● Academic ability

Category B

Entrepreneurial Leadership scholarships are awarded to inspire and encourage exceptional contributions by students to academic and extra-curricular life at Chinese Academy.


Scholarships are awarded on merit and on the basis of a competitive assessment. Those eligible are students the School wishes to attract because of the contribution that they are able to make to school life, be that academic, entrepreneurial, sporting or creative.

Candidates must demonstrate academic potential; or have a particular talent or talents in the areas identified above, so that they will make a significant contribution to School life;

The maximum Scholarship shall usually be 50% of the fees. Upon application, parents should express an interest in scholarship awards. Nominations must be supported by a current or former school – they are assessed by The Principal who then acts to present a recommendation for award to the School Management Committee.

For more details, please email us on [email protected]

Bursary Options

To support families of all financial backgrounds, Chinese Academy will be offering the Financial Aid Bursary Programme.

In accordance with our school’s vision to better serve our community and to ensure high quality education is accessible, our school offers financial aid to children in need so that they can attend a high-quality, private school that best meets their needs, regardless of their parent/guardians’ ability to pay or where they live.

For more details, please email us on [email protected]


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