Our Values

We believe that the holistic development of the whole child is crucially important. At CAPS we support our children to explore and discover their own set of values that will equip them to lead successful lives and contribute to the positive development of our global world.


Through our values based curriculum, we create a strong and supportive learning environment that not only enhances academic achievement, but develops students’ social and relational skills, intelligences and attitudes that will enable them to succeed at school and throughout their lives.


Staff model our key values throughout the school day. We teach the values explicitly and work in partnership with parents so that these are reinforced at home.  Our school community is one of positivity and harmony encouraging respect and kindness in all we do.





Chinese Academy values the whole child, developing both care and respect for all those within its community. A caring school climate is encouraged through excellent relationships among school staff, parents and students.

Goal of Values Education

• Cultivate the values of self-restraint, loyalty, distinguishing right from wrong and good from evil.

• Enhance the awareness and judgmental ability of positive values and attitudes

• Cultivate the sentiments of caring for others and willing to be helpful

• Apply and practice Confucian enlightenment philosophy and use it as an indicator of words and deeds in daily life

• Embody the attitudes of acceptance, respect and caring on campus to create an ideal learning environment


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