Our Approach

Our educational philosophy focuses on the celebration and uniqueness of each and every individual child. Each human being has different strengths and abilities, and at Chinese Academy, this is no exception; we thrive in an inclusive learning community.

We are motivated by bringing joy to the face of each child and developing a sense of self confidence that enables our children to lead successful lives and strive to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

By providing small class sizes, we have the ability to develop close relationships with not only each family, but more importantly, each child. Our detailed understanding of how children best learn enables us to tailor learning to suit individual needs and learning styles. Each child’s learning journey is unique.

As a  bilingual school we develop competence and confidence in English and Mandarin throughout the Primary years. Our children use both languages in different subjects and develop a cultural awareness which equips them to be positive global citizens. Our children develop total fluency in English and have a firm grounding in the Chinese language and culture through 50% immersion in both languages throughout the school day.

Our curriculum provides diverse opportunities for social, emotional, and cognitive development and interweaves our academic curriculum, our values based curriculum and a wide range of extra curricular opportunities. Our learning is project-based, promoting collaboration, independence and enquiry. 

Learning opportunities are purposeful, relevant and engage the children in active learning 21st century skills; collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and citizenship.


77 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong