Having been established in Hong Kong for 80 years, Confucius Hall has been carrying the mission of propagating Chinese culture and Confucianism. Over the past years, the Hall was honored to have had famous Chinese cultural and Confucian scholars, such as Lu Xun, Mou Zongsan, Lo Hsiang-lin, So Man-jock, Jao Tsung-I, Ch’ien Mu and Tang Junyi, to host speeches. Stepping into the 21st century, Confucius Hall has extended its vision to offer modern, high quality, internationally-focused education embedded with rich Chinese culture.

Chinese Academy is a small Primary School established by Confucius Hall of Hong Kong. Sharing the same beliefs with Confucius Hall, which has a history of 80 years, the school is visionary aimed at promoting the integration of traditional Chinese culture and global perspectives so as to nurture talents and equip young people to fulfill their individual potential in a warm and caring environment.

Jìn Dé, Our Name

The Chinese name of the School and the Foundation, Jìn Dé (晉德), represents the Foundation’s dedication and commitment to providing the best education. The Chinese word “Jìn” (晉) is one of the 64 archetypes from the ancient Chinese classics Yìjīng (易經). With the connotation of “progress”, “Jìn” symbolizes students excelling through intelligence, wisdom and talents. The word “Dé” (德), literally meaning “virtues”, is rooted from Yìjīng’s “The virtuous bear duties onerous”, which conveys the idea that people who are virtuous, broad-minded and knowledgeable are trusted with enormous responsibilities.


The school is situated in the prime and historic location of Confucius Hall on Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay. Since 1935, the Confucius Hall of Hong Kong has been revered for its historical role in Hong Kong’s cultural development as a base for scholars promoting Chinese culture. The new campus of Chinese Academy organically fuses Chinese and Western design concepts, which resonates with the architectural heritage style of the Chinese Siheyuan and the Western monastic style of Oxbridge.


Chinese Academy, 77 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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