Values Education

Accelerated learning and enrichment, and timely support will be planned for gifted students. Using the core elements of gifted education, i.e. high-order thinking skills, creativity and personal-social competence, we aim to optimize students’ strengths by providing challenging learning opportunities.   On the other hand, additional support will be provided for the exceptional students, where tailor-made Individual Education Plan will be developed for their steady progress and improved achievements.   

Values Education
  • Confucian Enlightenment

    Values education is an integral part of the Chinese Academy curriculum. 

    While aiming at cultivating global perspectives, Chinese Academy also holds the belief that students will benefit greatly from the breeding of Confucius virtues and spirit for their future development in society. 

    Hence Chinese Academy promotes Confucianism as the backbone of values education.

    Humaneness, righteousness, reason, wisdom and integrity form the core values to be shared by the school stakeholders and students.

    Different wisdom traditions, especially Chinese and Western, will provide a solid foundation on which children may enhance their values education.

  • Formation of Character

    Care and respect are expected for the whole person at all levels in the school community.   A caring school climate is encouraged through daily, amicable interpersonal interaction among school staff, parents and students. 

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