Date: Saturday, May 26, 2018

Time: 2:30pm

Venue: 77 Caroline Hill Road, Hong Kong

Smart Learning – How to Learn with Increased Effectiveness and Less Stress?


1) For how long is the Individual Nomination Certificate valid? What is the amount of each certificate?
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(Home >Admissions >Fees and Tuition >Capital Contribution Programme >Individual Nomination Certificate)

2) What is the enrollment ratio for local students and international students?
As a private school, Chinese Academy is not bound by any restrictions on local student ratio. All families who support the school’s mission are invited to become members of the Chinese Academy family.  

3) How does the primary school curriculum integrate with the IB curriculum in the secondary school?
Chinese Academy equips our students to be proficient in English and Chinese, as well as thinking and learning strategies. This foundation in learning is effective in preparing them to do well in any environment in the secondary school.

4) Do you provide school bus services?
Nanny bus services, mainly on the Hong Kong Island, may be arranged.

5) Since it seems that the learning is based on the students “self-directed learning”, how would the school provide adequate support to make sure the student is on track and achieve what he / she can potentially achieve?
Self-directed learning is learning skills and strategies acquired through effective learning experiences planned by the teachers and carried out in class. It is only one of the many learning strategies students in Chinese Academy learn to equip themselves with life-long learning skills.

6) How can the school help the parents to assist the kid? How can we work together, any guidance?
We have a number of parent-teacher conferences each year. Teachers also work closely with the parents to facilitate students’ learning.

7) If the student is behind or is not quite get how to learn high-level thinking, are there any assistance?
Our curriculum is highly differentiated to meet the individual needs of each student. Accelerated learning and enrichment are planned for gifted students. Timely support is given to those who require reinforcement.

8) Please provide the list of subject and school timetable.
For our curriculum highlight, please refer to
Our school days begins at 8:30 am. and ends at 3:30 p.m. The timetable is distributed to parents in August of each year.

9) Besides academics, will the school have other focus, such as sports, drama, music, and visual arts?
Chinese Academy has a strong focus on Student Development. We offer a comprehensive and balanced experiential programme through Values Education, Chamber Programme, Exchange Discovery Programme, Experiential Learning, etc.
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