Admissions Procedure
Admissions Procedure


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Grade 3   Application Form
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Grade 1
Grade 2   
Application Form
Grade 3
Grade 4

Age Reference for 2020/21 

      Children born between       
   1 September, 2013 and 

   31 December, 2014
   1 September, 2012 and 
   31 December, 2013
   1 September, 2011 and 
   31 December, 2012
   1 September, 2010 and 
   31 December, 2011
   1 September, 2009 and 
   31 December, 2010

* Not Applicable

Immigration Requirements

Applicants who are not permanent residents of Hong Kong must meet the Hong Kong Immigration requirements for entry to a school when applying.

For details, please visit the Hong Kong Immigration Department website:

Application Procedures
  1. Documents Required

    i.  A completed Application Form with applicant's photo

    ii. A photocopy of Hong Kong Birth Certificate (For applicants born in Hong Kong)

       A photocopy of Birth Certificate and documents permitting him/ her to stay in Hong Kong (For applicants born in mainland China or other Countries)

    iii.  A copy of the school report for the past two school years, if applicable

    iv. An entrance assessment fee of HK$900
    Entrance assessment fee can be paid by crossed cheque payable to "Chinese Academy"

    v. 2 self-addressed envelopes, stamped with local mail small letter postage. Please check to make sure that the name and address of the applicant are accurately printed on the stamped envelopes

  2. Submission of Application Form: Completed forms and documents should be submitted to the School Office in person
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