Teaching and Learning

With the extensive and established global network of the School Sponsoring Body, students will engage in the exchange discovery programme at world-renowned academic institutions, so as to broaden their international perspective and establish interactive networks with the Mainland and abroad. 

In the junior years, the programme offers overseas parent-child experiences, whereas in senior primary, students will develop independence through this exchange programme.

 Students may also become host families to receive their overseas buddies as a first step of establishing a global network of friends and cultivating their global vision.

Students are encouraged to actively participate in extra-curricular activities, such as leadership training, service learning and outward development. Students will develop leadership skills such as communication skills, project planning and teamwork through experiential learning.

  • Be relevant to life – students will explore the world around them; they will engage in projects and higher order problem-solving tasks that are relevant to real-life situations

  • Be differentiated – each student is unique and has his/her own preferences in learning; differentiation is done through offering options in content and process that cater to each student’s interests and abilities

  • Encourage self-expression and wide exposure – students are encouraged to communicate and collaborate through interactive learning tasks.  They will have opportunities to explore a wide range of tasks across different disciplines

  • Be supportive – the school provides a stimulating environment with an abundance of learning aids, multimedia resources and information technology; school staff will also work closely with and parents to facilitate students’ learning

  • Be achieved through intrinsic motivation – children are endowed with an intrinsic curiosity about the world around them; they will be encouraged to formulate questions,  find answers and pursue further investigations on their own

  • Be culturally diverse  – students develop global perspectives while being immersed in Chinese culture through continuous exposure to rich traditions from around the world

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