Teaching and Learning
The International Chinese Academy Education Foundation

The International Chinese Academy Education Foundation (ICAEF) is founded and managed by a professional team comprising of dedicated, distinguished and experienced educators from elite education institutes around the world. The Foundation aims to nurture global citizens as well as pillars of society with world qualities and horizons.  The Foundation’s strong commitment to establish a balanced education model combining the Chinese philosophy and global perspectives facilitates the building of a top-quality international education venture.

It is also the mission of the Foundation to explore and expand developmental solutions and bring about social change through building and operating critical infrastructure and further development education institutions and research.

More on ICAEF: www.ica-ef.org

  • Be relevant to life – students will explore the world around them; they will engage in projects and higher order problem-solving tasks that are relevant to real-life situations

  • Be differentiated – each student is unique and has his/her own preferences in learning; differentiation is done through offering options in content and process that cater to each student’s interests and abilities

  • Encourage self-expression and wide exposure – students are encouraged to communicate and collaborate through interactive learning tasks.  They will have opportunities to explore a wide range of tasks across different disciplines

  • Be supportive – the school provides a stimulating environment with an abundance of learning aids, multimedia resources and information technology; school staff will also work closely with and parents to facilitate students’ learning

  • Be achieved through intrinsic motivation – children are endowed with an intrinsic curiosity about the world around them; they will be encouraged to formulate questions,  find answers and pursue further investigations on their own

  • Be culturally diverse  – students develop global perspectives while being immersed in Chinese culture through continuous exposure to rich traditions from around the world

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