School Logo
School Logo

The design concept of the Chinese Academy logo is based on Confucianism. Its overall design transmits the unique educational philosophy of East-meets-West.  

Graphic Logo  
Inside the circular shape is an open book with four pages on the left and five pages on the right, which symbolizes The Four Books and Five Classics (Sìshū Wǔjīng), the authoritative books of Confucianism. It implies that apart from transferring knowledge to our students, Chinese Academy also focuses on nurturing them with high moral character.   Furthermore, the circular logo has an implicit meaning of “consummate interfusion”.  It also symbolizes the Earth, with the connotation that students in Chinese Academy are ingrained in different languages and cultures to develop a global vision. 

The use of Xinzhuan Chinese font with simple sans-serif English font highlights the integration of traditional and modern education philosophies. 

Blue represents the ocean, which symbolizes open-mindedness, broad-mindedness and wit. The spot of red connotes the rising sun, full of energy and vibrancy. 

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