The CAPS Team
The CAPS Team

Rachel Grantham
PE Coordinator

Ms Rachel Grantham was brought up in Singapore and was encouraged by her parents
from a young age to take part in all sorts of physical activity. As a result, Rachel
developed a keen interest for sport. She represented Singapore in Women’s rugby and
made her debut at the Hong Kong Rugby 7’s in 1997. She obtained a Physical
Education degree from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Before moving
to Hong Kong, Rachel was the Head of Department for PE at Doha College, in Qatar,
deciding to move to Hong Kong so that her own children could be immersed in a culture
that would give them the opportunity to learn Putonghua and Cantonese. Since living in
Hong Kong, she has worked at various ESF schools as a swimming coach and PE
teacher. Rachel is incredibly privileged and excited to be a part of the Chinese Academy
team. She looks forward to having fun with all of her students.


Lavender Zhong 鍾瑩瑩
Teaching Assistant 教學助理


Ms Lavender Zhong was born and brought up in Guăngdōng Province, China. She was
awarded qualifications from the Education Ministry of the People’s Republic of China,
allowing her to work as a Chinese secondary school teacher. She also has a PGDE
from The University of Hong Kong and an IB PYP Certificate in Teaching and Learning.
As a bilingual speaker of Cantonese and Putonghua, who majored in Japanese
Language and Literature during her undergraduate years at university, Lavender was
granted full financial support from the Japanese Government to study in Japan for one
year. She has immense interest in human nature and interdisciplinary studies and
pursued a Master’s Degree in Anthropology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
She truly believes in the power of multi-lingual education and sincerely looks forward to
achieving her education aspiration by practising the principles of lifelong learning with
the students at Chinese Academy.


Benson Lee
Mathematics and ICL Teacher

Mr. Benson Lee was born and brought up in Hong Kong. His love for teaching
originated when he was studying for his BA degree in New York, when he worked at a
charity as a mentor to young children. After finishing his degree, Benson was a support
teacher at an international school, as well as a Sunday school teacher for his church.
Following this, he gained a PGDE qualification and taught at a preschool until 2015. He
then volunteered as a teacher at an orphanage in Shanghai, teaching students from the
ages of 6 - 12. He obtained his Master of Education degree in Hong Kong and worked
at a bilingual kindergarten for two years. Benson is excited to be working with all the


Hayley Zhou 周宇杰
Chinese and IIS (Science) Teacher 中文科及綜合探索科老師


Ms Hayley Zhou was born and brought up in Hunan Province, China. She has a
bachelor’s degree and professional teacher training, which she was awarded before
moving to Hong Kong. Once in the city, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Education
from The University of Hong Kong. Hayley has experience in teaching Chinese as both
a first and second language. She wants to create a dynamic and inspirational learning
environment for students. Hayley’s hobbies include Chinese painting, a unit she will
teach in Visual Arts, as she is dedicated to letting students experience Chinese culture.



Mei Tang 唐美蘭
Chinese and IIS (Science) Teacher 中文科及綜合探索科老師


Ms Mei Tang was born and brought up in Taiwan. She has a Masters of Philosophy in
Curriculum and Teaching from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Having worked at
International, DSS, and Aided schools for many years, Mei gained rich experience and
knowledge in the fields of school-based Chinese curriculum development and teaching.
She works with students to fulfill them to their fullest potential, taking advantage both
geographically and culturally, so that the East meets West, in terms of integrating the
two cultures together. It is her belief that this learning environment enhances and
fosters a student’s personal growth and will encourage initiative, positive attitudes,
individuality, and creativity.


Daniel Kam
Music and IIS (Science) Teacher
Mr. Daniel Kam was born and brought up in the United Kingdom, being educated in
both London and Hong Kong. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Music from City
University London, moving on to graduate from The University of Hong Kong with a
Master’s of Philosophy Degree in Music. He also holds a PGCE from Sunderland
University. He moved to Hong Kong many years ago, and continued to explore various
musical cultures, namely Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian gamelan music. Daniel
enjoys traveling abroad, playing guitar, hiking, practising martial arts, and playing
football in his free time. He strives to cultivate a passion for teaching and learning at
Chinese Academy.


Lisa Ang
Teaching Assistant

Ms Lisa Ang has been teaching for over seventeen years, educating students ranging
from Pre-K age to junior high. Lisa graduated with a BS degree in Education from
Southwestern Adventist University in Texas. Lisa’s greatest passion is teaching, and
she treats each student as if they were her own child. She believes that her job is to
help people quench their curiosities and better understand the world around them.


Betty Fang
English Teacher

Ms Betty Fang is a native New Yorker, who has made Hong Kong her home for the past
two decades. She received a bachelor’s degree from The State University of New York
and a Master’s Degree in Education from Columbia University, both whilst living in the
United States. She has taught in both local and international schools in Hong Kong,
from kindergarten to secondary school. Betty believes in nurturing and developing the
whole child, focusing not only on skills and knowledge, but also on actions and
attitudes. She feels that it is vital to cultivate a passion for learning within students, as it
will motivate them to pursue lifelong learning. In class, Betty encourages students to
explore, investigate and inquire about their learning. In her spare time, she enjoys
visiting new countries and spending time with her family. She is excited to work with
students at Chinese Academy.



Katie Dowson
Visual Arts Teacher

Ms Katie Dowson is a born and bred Hong Konger, who attended both primary and
secondary school in Hong Kong before moving abroad to London for university. She
was awarded with a BA degree in Fine Art Photography from The University of The Arts
London. She joined the Chinese Academy team in 2018, and finds it astounding to
watch what students can create when they put their creativity to the test. She is excited
to work with the ever growing team at Chinese Academy. Alongside teaching, she
continues to work as a freelance illustrator and writer.


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